Words to embellish

Chennai – the city that surrounds a big village by the sea. Scrawny looking fishermen take their tie-boats out every morning, sailing the rough waters. Are they able to earn a living or do they barely survive?

A dozen varieties of butterflies buzz around the ferns, laburnum and the ixora in my parents’ garden. In palest of greens, orange, black and red – they somehow appear reassuringly glamorous.

Not far from the street where I grew up, reside important people related to a deceased politician. Hence a police presence amidst cordons and a dog, both having a mild snooze. When I took this picture, another dog came at me barking – I was clearly intruding on a serene moment.

I discovered the name of my favourite root vegetable – Elephant Yam (senaikazhangu in Tamil). It tastes delicious, looks ugly but sprouts a beautiful looking succulent stem with grey and green smudges and bears the prettiest of leaves.

The Flame of the Forest burns bright in colour not fire – orange bursts that fill giant trees – they line the traffic-clogged streets – makes you want to breathe again.

Bats out of Theosophical Society woodland! A sleepy, tropical version of Kew Gardens with the oldest banyan tree as the main attraction. And impressive cacti as well. Ancient trees are home to a bat population – pleased with my picture of the flying rodents.

Close by, Besant Nagar beach, where the sand is relatively clean (in comparison with the Marina further north) and the water refreshing without the nightmare detritus that litter its more popular neighbour.

A trip down memory lane to Santhome and the only recognisable bit of my old school (Rosary Matriculation). And a heart shaped kernel to remember innocent times.

There, a few words to fill a blank page on a Wednesday afternoon.





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