Stop playing that Trumpet


A young boy blew his own Trumpet long and hard every day after he got home from school. He was so bad at music that his off-key practice became really annoying. His mum had no hope for him joining the school orchestra, leave alone the city symphony. She endured his attempts at mauling the instrument with the long-suffering patience that was her lot.

Later on, it was a relief to her and to everyone when he gave up any musical aspirations. He understood that subtlety and class were not his thing – anyway who cared for all that culture stuff when you could bulldoze your way into every China shop, shoving people aside. Who needed high-art when you can deal in high-flying assets? He would buy every pretentious, elitist, cultural institution and turn them into extravagant, dripping with chandeliers palaces. That’ll show them. How many would you like?

If Mom had been been alive when he turned 70, she would’ve been shocked that the years had not mellowed him one bit. She would be surprised at how cocky he still was and would shake her head at his strutting, thumping and pouting. And to top it all, she would say something awful about his hair that looked like a chipmunk’s tail. She would’ve tried to tell him to stop, clean his mouth and stay silent as punishment. Hey, you know what, he lucked out again, both his folks weren’t around anymore. But they’d have been real proud. He just kept winning and there was no end to it. And, he paused, raising his arm, holding his forefinger and thumb, to make a profound point, she wouldn’t want a Woman as President, Ever. Let’s all remember that, folks. Mom wouldn’t have wanted it.

So, you guessed it, this story has a really bad ending – he won in the end for being the loudest angry bully. So, a granddad with terrible behavioural problems will be President of the supreme democracy of the world.

When Barack Obama came to power in 2008, we all felt such stirrings of upliftment at every breath he took and every word he uttered. Everything about his manner, his family, the equality of his marriage and the grace of his children were worth admiring and aspiring to.Women now find themselves on a treadmill with an oil spill – skidding us all back to heaven knows where. The thing to remember is that the fight is just about to begin – it was never over, how presumptuous of us to believe it.

And now, the world gapes, aghast – what will happen is anyone’s guess. He’s the Billionaire in Power – why do I keep having visions of him on a lurid Mills and Boon cover with a willing woman draped in sequins and silk, bending over backwards with the lights of Vegas glittering in the background?


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  1. Well said, Mites! And let there be no mistake, Mr Trump — it’s going to be a bumpy ride……..

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