Fifteen minutes of thinking

I’m normally not late for my weekly posting but I seem to have lost the draft of what I thought would be the subject of this week’s bon mots. So I’m setting myself the task of writing this in about fifteen minutes, which is all I have.

I spent the end of last week in beautiful Devon where the undulating slopes of countryside are a treat for the jaded eye. The fields of corn and grass stretch endlessly – multi-coloured squares in yellow, rich brown, green, and gold that look like a giant Aztec rug laid out for a ceremonial celebration of good weather. Totnes where I was, is a town that is receptive to all concepts of world religions – people who live there have chosen a quieter, alternative life, involved in arts, crafts and herbal medicine. Dartington Hall is close by where Rabindranath Tagore spent some of his life. At the end of my three-day visit – I felt balance had been restored and nature managed to rejuvenate my spirits yet again.

Perhaps it was the visit to Devon that has made me more aware of how we live, why we do what we do, what we do to please ourselves and others. How important are the impressions we choose to create? Can we ever stop trying to impress others? Or is this form of posturing the only way to oil the wheels of modern life?

With the passing years – it can feel as if life is all about accumulating some form of regret, stocking our pile of regret and resentments as we go along until it all gets too much. The passing of time is itself a little bittersweet of course – but is it really possible to shed all the negative emotions and feel light? Acceptance, making peace and acquiring some wisdom along the way are all fine – but all we really want is love to fill our lives and release us from the shackles of toxic thought. I’d like laughter for company when I get old!

On these vaguely profound words, I shall stop. Next week, report from Wimbledon…


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