The sound of victory

The triumphalist roar of the victorious right in India is currently too loud, even for my distant ears. And it looks likely to remain so with the unprecedented landslide that has propelled Narendra Modi and the BJP into power. The wave of the campaign was so powerful that it has engulfed many of the fears and forebodings that have been highlighted through these past months as obvious warnings.

Gone are the days of idealism and great speeches aka Jawaharlal Nehru. The overwhelming urge is to mock and trivialise any of the real concerns and carry on gloating over the incredible result. “Forget 2002, it’s a trivial incident in hundreds that have occurred in India’s history,” “To hell with the minorities,” “Lets show Pakistan their rightful place,” and the best of it all, “India doesn’t need democracy, it needs a dictator,” trip off people’s mouths so easily, at the news. But as we’ve understood and the fact rammed down our throats a million times, there was no real alternative. It seems so easy to get in touch with the conservative, macho and bullying side of oneself, indulge in ugly point-scoring and the quick fixes of faux nationalistic pride and the cheap thrills it gives. It is a lot harder to be tolerant and progressive. 

I heard the news in the car on Radio 4 – the early morning bulletin said it was likely that the BJP will get an outright majority, and almost immediately, the news reader said, news just in, the Congress has conceded defeat. When an electorate of that size has spoken, it has to be respected. On Facebook, people of a different viewpoint have had to be measured in their reaction – let us wait and see, let us hope that this is a good thing. Even commentators here are struggling to find the right words to appear balanced at this outright win.

The sense of disquiet is going to take a while to disappear, but I would like to think that there might be a mature approach in here somewhere that will prove sceptics like me wrong.





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  1. Modi’s India has joined the ‘elite’ group of countries including Bush’s former America, Netanyahu”s current Israel and our own UKIP in gaining power and a mandate by condemning and vilifying a whole creed or religious minority. Like Cameron”s Christian nation, secular India has now redefined itself as a Hindu country.

  2. Yes definitely it is a decision that has to be viewed with some apprehension. But at the same time it is important to see why. As someone put it , it is not a Modi wave but an anti-congress wave. There has also been a synergy of AAP and Modi to bury the congress. People are beginning to feel the pinch of being a huge (population) nation and a poor country. The blame goes to the congress. MOdi comes in with his promises (which are, some of them, quite unrealisable) and people especially impressionable ones, feel here is the alternative… These factors have contributed to the ousting of the congress. But the colours will soon wash out and people will realise. By the way I just got an information that Vinod Mehta has pointed out that the BJP has only polled 31 per cent of the vote share. 66 per cent of the vote share is not for communalism.

  3. SANJAY MITTAL May 18, 2014 — 3:03 pm

    You all will be proven wrong in doubting MODI’s intent. He is the best leader to lead India. He cares about India’s culture. How many politicians will talk about cleaning up the Country by 2019 during his first address as PM-Elect in Varanasi? He means well for India and for all Indians. Majority of the Indians can see through the false propaganda Congress supported media (local and foreign) have been carrying out to paint Modi as a non-secular leader. He is the most secular leader in the country.

  4. Thanks Sanjay- I hope you’re right! If he can clean up the filth and dirt by 2019, he deserves the Nobel prize. A bit of an exaggeration though, to say he’s the most secular leader.

    • Dear Maithreyi – A bit of exaggeration is required to counter your hyperbolic gloom and doom apprehensions.

      It is my opinion that Modi Ji is the most secular leader in India’s history. You are of course entitled to your (contrary) opinion but not to YOUR FACTS.


  5. On what basis do you give him that status? Seems to me it’s just blind faith and adoration!

    • Dear Maithreyi,

      Adoration – Yes.
      Blind faith – Absolutely no. I am the staunchest (self proclaimed) atheist on the blue marble. I even have my daily coffee with a heavy dose of skepticism and a bowl of oats.

      Modi Ji will walk the talk. Kindly listen to him talk. Don’t trust mainstream media for getting this information. Go to the source directly.

      I shouldn’t be saying this, but – Keep the faith and trust Indians who will trash him if he doesn’t deliver.

      Anyways I was directed to your blog from a comment in the Guardian. Did some rapid reading and also googled you. Do keep writing. Will visit once a while. Thanks.


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