Feel the ether

Muttering words into the world-wide ether as I do here, submitting my weekly posts to my small (but faithful) readership, is something I’m still getting used to. 

Scattering my thoughts like so, twittering my fleeting observations, seeking approval for those status updates…talking into the void makes me feel the pointlessness of it all. All too acutely. The more I try to integrate all this technology as a means of expression – the more removed I feel from it. It depletes me in unexpected ways.

Of late, I’ve decided the only way I feel sane is to leave the phone behind when I don’t need it. I don’t take it if I’m not working – eg. on my daily walk or a trip to the supermarket. It feels fantastic – but I’m merely on parole. The virtual handcuffs go back on pretty soon and I’m back to being a prisoner of my email provider.

In a world not so long from now, we won’t know how to talk – we can only hug, kiss or wave through emoticons and have conversations through SMS in short spurts of 140 characters or below. Anything beyond that will scramble the other person’s brain and disrupt their need to do the same. The urge to speak will have to be suppressed and given vent to in other ways. Perhaps we’ll make a pilgrimage up a tall cliff, to get rid of our jabbering quality for those of us with such an affliction and shout it off. We shall be cleansed on our return, attaining a Zen like state of trivial wisdom.




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  1. Malathi Velamuri April 20, 2014 — 3:44 pm

    I do leave my phone behind often – and get outraged reactions from people who’ve tried to reach me!

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